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CLC Free Workbench is a free software workbench for basic bioinformatics, enabling users to make a large number of bioinformatics analyses, combined with smooth data management, and excellent graphical viewing and output options. Some of the many bioinformatics analyses are: Interactive restriction site analysis, Creating and editing alignments, Phylogenetics, Integrated GenBank searches, Advanced DNA to Protein translation.

Publisher description

CLC Free Workbench creates a software environment enabling users to make basic bioinformatics analyses and smooth data management, combined with excellent graphical viewing and output options. Some bioinformatics features are: - GenBank searching and viewing (linear and circular views) - Multiple alignment of DNA, RNA and proteins (2 alignment algorithms) - Advanced alignment editing and sequence editing - Joining multiple alignments and multiple sequences into one - Open reading frame determination - Translation from DNA to proteins (all genetic translation tables) - Reports with residue composition, molecular weight and iso electric point (for proteins) - Neighbor-joining and UPGMA phylogenies - Interactive restriction site analysis and viewing - Other reporting facilities - Import/export to a number of data formats - Launch of external files - Detailed History Log - Batch runs of analyses such as DNA to protein translation

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